How will I find love again?

We know how you feel! Starting again is really difficult when it comes to love and marriage. Whether you are getting a divorce, breaking up, or losing the one you love can be overwhelmingly painful.

Steps to finding love for the second time

1. Get healthy -- mentally and physically. You can't make appropriate decisions "off-balance" or in an unhealthy state.
2. Recognize that your next love will come along when you find someone who shares your interests.
3. Enjoy what you have - family, job, social life!
4. The best things in life come your way when you least expect them -- when you are content to let nature take its course
5. Always judge people you are interested in by their actions and not by their words.
6. We hope that you find the new love you want and that you find him or her soon. Having companionship is one of the most cherished gifts of life and love.


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